How can I pay for my Deposit?

We have numerous options available including cash, cheque, and online payment. Your monthly rent will be paid using Pre-Authorized Debit.

What it the guarantor consideration cheque? Why?

A personal cheque is written specifically from the guarantor’s cheque book. This is to illustrate legal consideration from the guarantor to bind your lease agreement.

Who can be my guarantor?

Your guarantor can be anybody over the age of 25 and employed in Canada, being financially stable for the past 2-3 years.

Does my rent increase annually?

We don’t increase rent for renewing tenants while on a fixed 3-year term lease.

Why is my lease 3 years long? Isn’t 1 year the standard?

Since a majority of students rent for 3-4 years from us, we structure our leases in a 3-year format. This allows students to extend their leases to fit their education and careers. This 3-year fixed term guarantees that your lease won’t be increased. By validating this lease period, students can simply sign a form of intent to renew instead of signing an entirely new lease each year.

You have an option to terminate your lease every 12 months if you wish.

Are there any utilities included in my rent?

At Schembri Property Management, utilities such as water and gas are included in your rent. Hydro is extra.

Does Wifi come included with my rent?

Our buildings come Wifi equipped and is complimentary for all tenants.

What is required when I fill out an application?

In order to complete an application, we require the prospective tenant to have: a valid government photo identification (no health cards), payment of the deposit required, a void cheque to arrange for automatic rent withdraws, and guarantor or proof of income (ie: pay stubs, letter of employment stating yearly income, T4, or Notice of Assessment from Income Tax) and all paperwork completed and signed.